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What’s a Blogathon, and Further More What’s an EcoCribz? Two Ideas Good Enough to “Borrow” for your outreach campaigns.

DSC01180 DSC01182I wasn't sure what I was getting into when I agreed to participate in a blogathon last week to promote EcoCribz and other new products offered by King County's Green Tools program. I arrived at the designated time and spot to find several other green building afficionados sitting around a room wall papered with regional and national green building links, blogs, e-zines and websites using their social media wits and networks to spread the word.

A computer was set up for me, complete with an open internet browser, an open word document providing me with the details (links and such) about the tools we were promoting. Food and drink and great funky music. Nice company. Id' been asked to contribute 15 minutes on-line time; but it was so much fun, I stayed an hour. Five stars.

The blogathon was timed to launch King County's new Eco-Cool Remodel Tool, where you can view the current EcoCribz video, as well as web pages on specific remodeling projects. You'll find information on the typical kitchen and bath remodel, of course, but also on other projects like upgrading your laundry room, garage, yard, even the crawlspace. The latter are often attempted by homeowners, but generally not considered "sexy" enough to be covered in remodeling how-tos, even DIY resources. At least not in one place.

The site features a virtual house "layered" with virtual rooms and spaces. It's a kick. You click on a part of the area you want to remodel and get just enough information to whet your appetite for the more detailed web-page, which includes lots of ideas and great resources.

So what's with EcoCribz? If you've seen MTV Cribs, it's like that with a green twist. While we were doing our social media assignment, the debut video of EcoCribz played in the background. I noticed with pleasure that it featured my long time friend Jon Alexander, green remodeling pioneer (and owner of Sunshine Construction), showing off a project to EcoCribz host and King County Green Tools Staff Patti Southard. I can't wait to see who's on next!

Although many of the resources featured on the website are based in Puget Sound (that's in Seattle folks), much of the green remodeling guidance is highly transferable. And of course the idea of using a blogathon to get the word out is one you can steal with impunity.

If your interest is transforming the market through green building education, checking out the Green Tools website is a must. Even if you've been there before, go back. In addition to the Eco-Tool Remodel Tool and EcoCribz, King County has launched a new green building blog hosted by Patti Southard. Green Tools exemplifies the best in public education. It's dynamic, fun, and substantive. For locals, providing this link is all that's necessary to expand your public education program. For all others, use the website as a model.

Building Capacity Blog is edited by Kathleen O'Brien, new to blogathons, but old to green building. Sometimes called the Queen of Green, she founded O'Brien & Company in 1991, before green building was fashionable. With her entry into the world of blogs, twitter, and blogathons, she has discovered the hip-side of her calling. Photos feature the 1:30 pm slot of the day-long blogathon including yours truly, as well as Bob Jakubik of Olsen Kundig, Kinley Deller, Patti Southard, and Doug Williams of King County, and Anna Petrocco of Colehour + Cohen.  Colehour + Cohen organized the blogathon.

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