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Virtual Baselines and Audit Technologies Pilot Project

Staying abreast of the rapidly changing building-efficiency technology marketplace — and knowing how to deploy the best tools — has been one of the greatest tactical barriers to building-efficiency progress. The Smart Buildings Center (SBC), in pursuit of its mission to connect Washington’s strengths in software, green building and data to catalyze the next wave of energy efficiency ventures, has launched the first of several demonstration and validation projects to help tear down these barriers.

The Virtual Baselines and Audit Technologies Project will deploy innovative energy benchmark and virtual audit technologies in five or more Washington buildings, and then communicate which types of technologies best serve specific types of buildings. O’Brien & Company was pleased to be selected as prime contractor for this work, in close partnership with Catalyst 2030.  O’Brien & Catalyst are collaborating on a number of projects to provide broader capacity in the region to implement efficiency programs in individual buildings or across portfolios.

For the Virtual Baselines and Audit Technologies Project, Catalyst and O’Brien have teamed up with other leaders in this field including EcoMentor, Blackburn Communications, and Don Baker Design to provide technical support, outreach and graphic design. If you are interested in participating and represent a building with complex systems or an innovative baseline and virtual audit technology, please contact Corey Weathers of Catalyst 2030 (; 425.242.1844).

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