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There isn’t anything better coming along.

KO head shotI recently wondered aloud with Bronwyn Barry why members of our tribe
(and by that I mean anyone actively working in the green building, sustainable
development field on the West Coast), wait ’til the last minute to register for
the Emerge: Leadership Skills for Green Building Advocates. In taking this
route, it costs more money, risks not getting a place, and generally adds unnecessary
tension to the process for you and for me.

Bronwyn, planner and convener for many successful Passive
House California events
cleared it up for me. “It’s not just
Emerge,” she countered “but pretty much any event. What I’ve found is
that people put it in their calendar,
but hold out on actually registering, just in case something ‘better’ comes

Well, I’m here to say there isn’t anything better coming
along. “What Chutzpah!” I can hear you saying!

Maybe so, But I am certain that Emerge is genuinely
different from anything else out there.
It’s a leadership workshop, and yes, there’s lot of
leadership offerings to be found. In fact, if you Google the term(s) leadership
workshop, you’ll get dozens of interesting entries. It’s a workshop that incorporates sustainable
concepts, as well, and yes, there are plenty of laudable offerings to be found
in that realm as well.

And I’ve been told that the philosophy of Emerge — an integrated systems-based  approach to leadership that combines the best leadership practices
with an emphasis on servant leadership, change science and technology, and the
collective intelligence and impact of community — would be helpful for anyone
endeavoring to lead social change in any realm.

However, Emerge has a specific mission, is designed with
that mission in mind, and designed FOR those who align with that mission. And
for that reason, it does a really good job. If you want to hear that from
attendees, check out the testimonials (written and video) at Emerge alumni share success stories relating to
personal, organizational, and communitywide leadership. Anonymous evaluations compiled
at the conclusion of the workshops are through the roof with positive ratings
and comments. No lie.

EMG_Logo FINEmerge is designed for you if: First, you are somehow
involved in the shaping of our built environment and desire a built environment
that is sustainable; Second, you know that leadership is involved in creating
that world in the truest, biggest sense; and Third, you are personally
committed to providing that leadership.

For that reason, you will find the Emerge curriculum
incorporates examples, exercises, and stories pertinent to the overall mission:
to create a built environment where sustainability is the norm, not an abstraction.
Rather than professional motivational
speakers, you’ll find a faculty that is
inspiring because we share your goals — we just happen to be further down the
road with some important lessons to share.
The faculty scheduled for Winter 2012-2013 are award-winning dynamos, heartfelt
speakers, and authors with a combined experience of nearly a century in the
sustainable building arena.

Besides the obvious benefit of such a focused learning
environment, there is the additional advantage of building a community that shares
the emergent philosophy AND is committed to a sustainable building. When you leave you’ll have become part of a
network with strategic professional alignments and personal commitments. And
you can stay connected through alumni “clinics” and fun gatherings.

Regardless of when you register, you’ll get the benefit of
all this, and more: CEUs for your LEED CMP, and/or ILFI Living Future Accreditation,
a follow up mentoring session to complement the personal leadership development
plan you created at the workshop, and permanent access to alumni resources on
the Emerge Leadership Project website.

Additional discounts encourage membership in local green
building non-profits and reward those who’ve taken the Sustainable Building
Advisor Program and passed the national CSBA exam, and these exist for both the
Early Bird and Standard optons.

So you don’t HAVE to register by the Early Bird registration
deadline…but it would be fabulous if you did. (Here’s how.)
Save some bucks, ensure your seat, and make me very happy.

Kathleen O’Brien is Editor of the Building Capacity Blog and contributes monthly to the DJC Green Building Blog. She has been in the sustainable building field for nearly three decades and
currently provides special projects consulting for O’Brien & Company, the firm she
founded over twenty years ago, and leadership training and mentoring through
her legacy project: The Emerge Leadership Project (ELP). She was instrumental
in the development of the Sustainable Building Advisor Program and the SBA

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