Green Building Consulting

Sustainable Occupancy and Operations

In every role we serve on a project, O’Brien & Company looks for ways to ensure long-term sustainability outcomes. We recognize that maintaining building performance after the doors open brings a different set of challenges and opportunities, often with a very different audience, such as residents, business tenants, property management staff, facility managers and operators.

To smooth the transition from design and construction into occupancy and operations, we offer a suite of highly customizable products and services that generate public awareness, educate building occupants, sustain green operational practices, and track and report on your successes. Together, we can help steward and protect a project’s successes and build new value in the future.


We take into consideration the unique variables that influence long term performance when designing solutions for a wide range of project types. We offer both targeted and programmatic approaches for making an impact. We are also skilled at becoming part of your team to offer ongoing support through coaching solutions that build your organization’s skills and capacity.

Many of our products can earn points on LEED projects while serving as a practical bridge for maintaining sustainability intentions through the operational life of your project. We know the “ins and outs” of different rating systems to identify when and how a focus on occupancy and operations can qualify for points and deliver real value to a project. Additionally, we deliver technical assistance and full support for projects pursuing certification under the LEED Operations + Maintenance (LEED O+M) Rating System.

Services and Products

Planning & Implementation

  • LEED O+M Gap Analysis
  • LEED O+M project management and certification support
  • Custom program development and implementation

Awareness & Education

  • Resident education manuals for green homes/units
  • Green building tour scripts and ‘train the tour guide’ sessions
  • Informational signage plans
  • Educational marketing materials (such as websites, brochures, case studies and articles)

Green Operations

  • Sustainable tenant improvement guidelines (commercial and retail spaces)
  • Building and property management training, manuals and educational videos
  • Operational policies, plans and programs

Tracking, Reporting & Continuous Improvement

  • Performance stewardship coaching
  • Post occupancy surveys
  • Selection and setup of sustainability performance tracking systems