Better Performance through Integrative Process

The integrative process (IP) is an effective way for creating cost-effective, energy-efficient, and environmentally-responsible buildings. The keys to success with IP are starting early and welcoming multiple perspectives. With IP, design teams are expanded to include owners, operators, occupants, contractors, scientists, artists, and the broader community. This approach accelerates information sharing and brainstorming to yield comprehensive design solutions to complex problems.

Integrative Process has been long recognized as essential to achieving the maximum benefit from the design process — regardless of whether sustainability is a project goal. But can we design buildings that truly achieve their performance goals without an integrative design process? Probably not.

This hands-on workshop shares how to get the most out of this process–and avoid a long series of expensive, messy meetings–by helping project managers, project architects, and sustainable project coordinators who facilitate and/or manage green design and construction projects to:

  • Make a solid case for investing in integrated design on your projects
  • Practically apply integrated design to attain true long term sustainability
  • Understand how LEED and other rating systems can “fit” and even help in an integrated process
  • Learn about and experience tools that optimize your design process and building performance
  • Identify your strengths and your potential role in integrated design
  • Learn about and practice key skills necessary to manage an integrated design process such as facilitation and effective meeting planning
  • Apply key concepts of integrated design and practice problem solving using scenarios

Experienced sustainable building consultants and facilitators conduct the workshop using a participatory approach for adult learners. Participants will receive a customized workbook and/or other printed references as takeaways.

Session Structure

2-, 4- and 7- hour workshop formats available. Workshop is designed for between 10 and 40 people.

Pricing and Scheduling

Fee is on a sliding scale based on duration and size of group.  Contact us for more information.