Mind the Gap Custom Workshops

Got a sticky challenge that keeps getting in between good green building intentions and actual outcomes? Do you often wish, “If I could only just get the right players in the room together, we could figure this out…?” Chances are you’re not alone. Whether it’s an issue that’s across an industry, company or project, we can design, plan and facilitate a collaborative event that brings the right people to the table and bridge the gap between intentions and outcomes.

Our Mind the Gap workshop series model creates a friendly environment for participants to explore the issue from diverse perspectives, isolate the common root causes, identify actionable solutions, and set up an accountability structure to motivate change to happen after the workshop.

“Getting my industry colleagues together in one room to really focus on a specific area of our work where we’re hitting the same roadblock was awesome! It was helpful to realize we weren’t alone in the challenge of energy model documentation for LEED. By working together and sharing best practices and lessons learned, we were able to collectively come up with and even formalize some strategies for closing the gap between modeling reality and LEED reporting.“ Ben Roush, Associate, FSi Consulting Engineers, after participating in the ‘Energy Modeling: Tale of Two Models’ Mind the Gap workshop examining the ‘gap’ between energy model predictions and actual performance results in multi-family projects.

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