O’Brien & Company provides a wide range of services to help you get better performing and more sustainable buildings and infrastructure.

Green Building Consulting

We consult on green building design and construction projects of all kinds. We strive to achieve real, measurable performance using tools like LEED, The Living Building Challenge, Built Green, and many thers. From large institutional and commercial projects to single- and multi-family residential projects, we provide the leadership and customized service our clients need to meet their performance goals.

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Programs, Planning & Policies

O’Brien & Company assists the public and private sector in the design of programs, plans, and policies that improve the sustainability of our built environment. Our goal is capacity building: to help organizations do sustainability better on their own.

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Education & Training

Our trainings are led by working professionals who bring their insights and experience to the classroom. With each course, we focus on creating highly informed students who are prepared to achieve sustainability on a practical level. We have a series of off-the-shelf classes and experience developing custom trainings.

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