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SBA – New grads and new instructor

Congratulations to the newest graduates of the Sustainable Building Advisor Program who completed their course work and made their final project presentations on December 13, 2013!

Jessica Engel
Marco Mazzoni
Evyan Horton
Samuel Wright
Stephanie Young
Sean Conta
Robbi Currey
Kris Knutson
Susan Frieson

This fall’s class was the first to take the course in a new condensed format that offered all 100 contact hours in a condensed 10-week format with classes every Friday and Saturday.  This format allows students to complete a comprehensive, interactive educational program about green building design in just one semester and start applying their knowledge in the field right away.

The class features a national curriculum taught by local subject matter experts, includes field trips, a team project, and a webinar series.  The glue that holds the diverse instruction together is the head instructor, who guides the students through the learning experience.  We are pleased to announce that the newest head instructor for the Seattle SBA class is our own Justus Stewart.  Justus’ background is in regional planning with a focus on municipal climate and energy-related policies and programs.   Justus’ work at O’Brien & Company focuses on sustainable infrastructure projects and resilient communities.  A graduate of the program and CSBA himself—and with a secret previous career as a professional actor—you can expect class to be educational and entertaining.

For more information and dates of upcoming classes, please visit the program web site:

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