Sustainable Building Advisor Program

The Sustainable Building Advisor (SBA) course is an intensive certificate training course and exam specifically designed for working professionals eager to expand their knowledge and understanding of sustainable building practices—creating buildings that are energy and resource efficient, healthy and beautiful spaces to live and work, and cost effective.

Mixing in-class instruction from local experts, engaging team projects, site visits to exemplary projects, and web-based access to cutting-edge green building resources, the SBA course provides attendees the information they need to apply sustainable building concepts to the buildings they design, develop, and construct.

The SBA program provides an integrated, systems-based approach to sustainable building—students can expect to improve both their technical building systems knowledge, and their ability to articulate how building systems interact to create a whole that functions as intended. Because of this approach, the class welcomes a diverse range of students drawn from architecture and planning firms, engineering companies, developers and contractors, government agencies, research institutions, resource conservation organizations, utilities, and environmental consulting organizations.

Graduates of the course are eligible to sit for the professional exam to become a Certified Sustainable Building Advisor (CSBA).

Head Instruction

O’Brien & Company developed the SBA program in 1998 for Seattle City Light and Seattle Central Community College, the originators of the program, and has provided head instruction, curriculum development, and course management for over fifteen years. The Seattle class is currently offered in our in-house classroom, with O’Brien & Company staff serving as head instructor.

National Expansion

O’Brien & Company also helped incubate the program as it grew into a national effort SBA is currently offered through the California-based Lifelong Education Institute (LEI).

Current Course Information