Smith and Burns

Smith and Burns is a five-story apartment building consisting of 150 units that earned LEED Gold certification in the fall of 2016. O’Brien and Company provided support services and third-party verification towards LEED for Homes certification.

Constructed at the time of many other mid-rise apartment buildings in Seattle, its green credentials reinforce the project’s identity and reinforce its place in the neighborhood.  It intends to be engaged with its community and neighbors and present a place that is authentically Wallingford with a nod to the future.  LEED for Homes certification contributes to this by ensuring durability, and a building that is inherently energy and water efficient.  It reflects the owner’s commitment to create an efficient, healthy, and comfortable place achieved with ease and accessibility of the tenants.

Smith and Burns was the first LEED for Homes Mid-Rise project completed by the construction team, and we provided Trades Training to help orient them to the specific requirements of a certified project. We worked closely with the team to ensure that the owner’s goals of delivering durable, efficient, and healthy structure in a building with timeless character fitting the Wallingford neighborhood were achieved with certification.

Project Team

  • Owner – Mack Urban Properties
  • Developer – Mack Urban Properties
  • Architect – Nicholson Kovalchick Architects
  • Contractor – Exxel Pacific
  • Mechanical Design/Build – R&H Mechanical
  • Electrical Design/Build – Wizard Electric
  • Energy Modeler – 360 Analytics
  • Commissioning Agent – Fsi Consulting Engineers
  • Landscape Designer – Thomas Rengstorf Assoc
  • Landscape Contractor – Somerset Gardens
  • Civil Engineers – PACE Engineering