Silverdale Community Campus

The Silverdale Community Campus is planning to redevelop a 9.65 acre site using Low Impact Development (LID) principles. The new development will include a YMCA, community center, library, and senior residences.

Some of the LID techniques proposed for this site were vertical development to minimize building footprints, clustering development to retain as much open space as possible, and incorporating green roofs, bioswales, and pervious paving to reduce stormwater runoff.

O’Brien & Company led the project’s pre-design phase. We facilitated the team meeting to identify the priorities and opportunities for the project. Based on the team’s feedback, O’Brien & Company developed a conceptual Low Impact Development design for the campus. We wrote the Silverdale Community Campus Low Impact Development Pre-Design Report which summarized the conceptual design and included preliminary stormwater design calculations and cost estimates.

The preliminary design was submitted as part of the Department of Ecology Stormwater Implementation grant application. Kitsap County was awarded the grant of $1,000,000 in December 2007.

The first phase of development, which is includes the YMCA, a non-irrigated common green, a raingarden, and porous pavement parking lots, is now complete. The YMCA achieved LEED Silver certification.