Seattle Environmental Procurement Program

Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) is a leader in reviewing markets and identifying roadblocks in the development of sustainable products and services. For several years O’Brien & Company has provided SPU with technical research on a variety of sustainable products and processes for their Environmental Procurement Program (EPP).

Our research has covered a diverse range of products, including computers and toner cartridges, textiles, bag liners, bio-based oils, janitorial products, carpet recycling, and more.

With each report, SPU has looked for ways to incorporate the findings across the City of Seattle, potentially resulting in cascading impacts throughout the region.

Related Event Planning

We also provided programming, logistical support and on-event management of the 2009 Paper Cuts Green Office Fair. The fair, designed to help agencies share information about operating a green office, included 19 booths, vendors, demos, and workshop training.