Sammamish Sustainability Strategy

O’Brien & Company assisted the City of Sammamish in the development of a city-wide sustainability strategy. The effort began with extensive City staff interviews and department workshops to gather early ideas, priorities, and to draft early goals. Our work included a City competition for best sustainability ideas to “Envision a Sustainable Sammamish.”

From this upfront work, a rough framework was developed that was then presented to the community at various summer events and meetings, and included community education about the sustainability topics and proposed strategy goals. All community feedback was reviewed and compiled to update and refine the goals and priorities, and this refined version was then presented at a community meeting to gather final feedback and confirm the Strategy direction.

The draft strategy details goals, objectives, indicators, and performance targets. The strategy is organized by City Operations goals to improve efficiency and conservation, and community actions that residents and businesses can do to help develop a Sustainable Sammamish.