Maleng Regional Justice Center

The recently opened, newly-renovated space in the courts building at the Maleng Regional Justice Center (MRJC) in Kent is the result of an $8.2 million remodeling project to deliver five new courtrooms and associated support space for King County District Court, as well as a new security screening area and a reconfigured rotunda. The renovated area is expected to qualify for LEED Platinum certification for building improvements, the first “courthouse” in King County eligible for this status. Key environmental features of the project include diverting 95 percent of demolition and construction debris generated from the landfill (thus reducing disposal fees), a design projected to use 35 percent less energy through a combination of strategies, including all-LED lighting in courtrooms and offices, and the use of 100 percent renewable sources of electricity, following suite with the rest of the justice center.

As part of O’Brien & Company’s work on the King County GreenTools program, we were asked to facilitate a charrette for the design team of the MRJC project to identify sustainability goals for the project and further solidify the project LEED scorecard. During this charrette, we reviewed the previously drafted scorecard with the team and identified additional points that could be achieved at no additional cost, such as one for Brownfield Redevelopment and three points in the Regional Priority category. As part of the facilitation, O’Brien asked the project team to write a news headline describing their end goal for the project. This helped the project team to better clarify the individual goals and kept the discussion and team on track throughout the design and construction process. We also developed a task list for the team to clearly identify next steps and opportunities for maximum points. The project team carried that work forward through opening of the building in October 2013. LEED certification is expected to be achieved in early 2014.

Photo credit: King County