Low Impact Development Guidance Manual

The Kitsap Home Builders Foundation: Low Impact Development (LID) Guidance Manual is designed as a “cookbook” for real estate developers, engineers, and community members interested in LID, as well as planning officials providing guidance on LID projects in Kitsap County. Not a regulatory document, the manual has been approved by the Washington State Department of Ecology as consistent with the State’s Stormwater Management Manual, and was adopted as a guidance document by all four cities within Kitsap County, as well as the County itself.

The manual was developed with input from a Leadership Team made up of jurisdictions in Kitsap County, representatives from the development and engineering community, as well as stakeholders from the Suquamish Tribe, Fire District, Bremerton/Kitsap County Health District, and is intended to provide recipes for implementing low impact development techniques. The document provides manual users concise descriptions of the components, techniques, and installation requirements for BMPs. In addition, it provides tips and guidance on how to effectively combine BMPs and how to ensure optimum performance during installation and how to maintain their performance over the long term.

The guidance manual is divided into three parts:

  • Overview and context for the design and implementation of LID practices in Kitsap County.
  • In-depth look at Site Assessment, Planning and Integrated Design strategies and how to apply them to get the best performance from an LID project. This section should guide your overall approach from the earliest conceptual phase of the project.
  • Technical guidance on how to design individual LID practices, including a methodology for applying flow credits for modeling and sizing purposes. This section includes: guidance sheets that provide explanations of how to incorporate a range of LID strategies into a site design, combining various practices and facilities; and standards sheets that provide detailed instructions on how to design, size, install and maintain a full range of LID facilities and Best Management Practices (BMPs).

By adopting the manual, local jurisdictions can now provide consistency in the design review phase, expediting the process. Jurisdictions may also cite the document in their LID ordinance/policy language, facilitating expedited approval of designs.

As part of the Kitsap LID Guidance Manual launch, Kitsap Home Builders Foundation (KHBF) provided free trainings geared toward industry leaders – developers, engineers, designers, and regulators. The purpose of the trainings was to encourage industry leaders to use the LID Guidance Manual to implement Low Impact Development in Kitsap County.