Kebero Court at Yesler Terrace

Located at the corner of Yesler Way and Boren Avenue in Seattle, Kebero Court was the first new publicly owned residential building to open its doors to new and returning residents as part of Seattle Housing Authority’s (SHA) master redevelopment of Yesler Terrace. Kebero Court’s three townhome buildings (9 total units) and six-story apartment building (94 units) offers a mix of subsidized and affordable housing opportunities, with priority for those residents relocated during Yesler Terrace’s redevelopment. The Court has 103 apartments ranging from 580 to 1875 square feet, and offer 1, 2, 3, and 4 bedroom units.

Both the townhomes and the apartment complex are expected to certify under Enterprise Green Communities and Evergreen Sustainable Development Standard. As part of the Enterprise energy performance requirements, the apartment building also had to achieve the LEED for Homes MidRise energy performance pathway. Likewise, as a requirement under Enterprise Green Communities, the townhomes achieved certification under Northwest Energy Star for Homes Version 3 program.

O’Brien & Company was brought onto the team to provide technical assistance during construction. In particular, our services helped the team meet the unusual and complex requirements of one of the Enterprise criteria’s alternate selected pathways related to energy conservation and indoor air quality. Our experience with the Enterprise Green Communities Criteria, as well as with LEED for Homes MidRise and Northwest Energy Star for Homes helped the team find cost-effective solutions for unique air sealing challenges to achieve compartmentalization in both wood construction and metal and concrete construction.

The Court’s family-oriented design brought resident health and comfort to the forefront.  in addition to amenities such as the central courtyard and playground oriented to create a safe place to engage with the community, the project team prioritized strategies to improve indoor air quality. One of the project’s stand-out IAQ features is the inclusion of Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERV) in each of the apartment and townhome units. ERVs continuously deliver tempered outside air to all common areas bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens, thereby reducing indoor air pollution and vectors for moisture problems. The project also includes low-emitting, hard surface flooring in common areas and lower levels of all townhomes, another strategy with health benefits for residents. Extensive LED lighting for both exterior and common area lighting and Energy Star appliances throughout will also help lower the consumption of resources in the community. Low-flow toilets, showers, and a 1,312 square-foot green roof system further contribute to water conservation.

O’Brien & Company provided field verification services to ensure the project achieved both the Enterprise Green Communities and Northwest Energy Star Homes criteria, such as verifying thermal insulation and air-sealing details, and conducting water flow and blower door testing.

Project Team
Owner/Developer: Seattle Housing Authority
Architect: GGLO
Landscape Architect: GGLO
Contractor: Andersen Construction
Structural Engineer: ARUP
Civil Engineer: Saez Consulting Engineers