Jonathan Rose Utility Savings and Green Building Certification Analysis

Our coaching work is reaching numerous clients, including Jonathan Rose Companies (JRCo) – a mission-based, for profit real estate firm recognized for its ability to achieve visionary goals through practical strategies and cost-effective green solutions. JRCo has 25 years of nationally recognized experience as an investor in and developer of green mixed-use, affordable housing. JRCo recently acquired a seven year old mixed-use multifamily apartment building near downtown that offers both affordable and market rate units. They hired O’Brien & Company to conduct an onsite assessment to provide recommendations for cost-saving upgrade opportunities, as well as green building certification options.

JRCo has also partnered, on the East Coast, with technology provider Bright Power for billing analysis, opportunity identification, and ongoing utility tracking. This new Seattle project offered an excellent opportunity for O’Brien & Company to combine our local presence and multifamily expertise with the virtual benefits and ongoing data analysis provided by Bright Power’s EnergyScoreCards. Last year we worked with Plymouth Housing, another affordable housing developer, and Bright Power to pilot the EnergyScoreCards and we are excited to again work with this technology.