Hawai’i Preparatory Academy

The Hawaii Preparatory Academy (HPA) is located in Waimea, Hawaii and is an independent, coeducational, college preparatory school for day students in grades K-12 and for boarding students in grades 6-12. O’Brien & Company conducted a workshop in Spring 2007 attended by the school’s staff, students, and board members to develop a strategic plan for creating a sustainable campus plan (Go Green).

Issues reviewed included opportunities to save energy, water, and other resources, and how to integrate sustainability (including alternative energy and energy efficiency) into their curriculum, making them a model of sustainability for schools in the Pacific Rim region.

The Go Green initiative is now in effect at HPA and is working to create a healthy and sustainable future for generations to come through education, community outreach, and implementation of sustainable practices.

Learn more about HPA’s Go Green initiative on their web site.