King County GreenTools Program Support

O’Brien & Company assisted the King County Solid Waste Division (SWD) with its county-wide green building program, GreenTools, from 2009-2014.

GreenTools helps King County communities, builders, residents, cities and governments build and operate green buildings; provides tools for addressing critical environmental issues; and gives policy and regulatory guidance to promote sustainable development.

Our work for the County included:

  • Providing assistance to suburban cities and rural towns to help them develop sustainable development and green building programs.
  • Developing tools needed to implement the July 2008 King County Green Building Ordinance. This included development of a internal green building Scorecard and accompanying online guidebook and tool that internal King County project managers from all departments will use for their Capital Improvement Projects.
  • Training King County staff on the Green Building Ordinance, greenhouse gas mitigation, and more through both live and recorded presentations.
  • Providing technical assistance to implement green building techniques on active King County green building projects
  • Facilitating eco-charrettes for green building design teams
  • Developing and delivering trainings on a variety of green building-related topics
  • Facilitating a series of educational roundtables for King County governments to address code and policy changes and needs related to green building sustainable development
  • Building an online guidebook for all King County cities, to allow them to create “Custom Roadmaps” for their green building programs, collaborate on and share code and policy options and changes, explore various green building and LID models in the form of a graphic “Virtual City” populated with green building and LID resources, and to post resources to this Virtual City
  • Producing comprehensive O&M (operations and maintenance) guidelines
  • Providing support on applying green building rating systems
  • Developing green building case studies
  • Coordinating Low Impact Development site tours

Visit the GreenTools web site.