Greenhouse Gas Calculator Training

As part of the multi-year GreenTools contract, King County hired O’Brien & Company to research and finalize a greenhouse gas (GHG) mitigation document and Excel-based tool designed to help project managers track and report their GHG mitigation efforts.

To introduce PMs to the calculations and recommended calculators in a way that fit their tight schedules, O’Brien & Company developed a 90-minute training that explored the requirements and steps to calculating GHGs. The training addressed a wide variety of project types, including transit improvements, natural area restoration and building design and construction.

Held in a computer lab, the training gave participants a chance to test out a variety of online calculators. The training featured a very brief introductory lecture, interactive discussion, five custom break-out group activities based on real King County projects, and an all-group activity to put it all together.

Participants rated the training as well organized and a worthwhile introduction that helped them be more familiar with the tools available.