Green Lake Village

Green Lake Village is a group of three multi-family residential buildings, two of which also house commercial/retail establishments including a natural foods grocery store, a yoga studio, and a number of restaurants and cafés. With almost 300 residential units between the buildings and built on the previously developed VitaMilk factory site, Green Lake Village does its best to take advantage of dense development.

Smartly located in the Green Lake neighborhood of Seattle, this project has everything an urban project team dreams of. Within blocks, building occupants can visit an immense park with a 3 mile track loop, sports courts, and beautiful green space; a myriad restaurants and cafes; 6 bus lines; and of course, the lake.

Given the set up of the three very similar buildings, O’Brien & Company helped guide the project through the new group certification process, under which the project achieved LEED Silver certification under the New Construction rating system. Using the group certification process allowed the team to document certain credits in aggregate, rather than for each building individually. This cut down on repetitious documentation; saving time and money. In the end, each building met the certification criteria individually but was certified as one project.

Owner: Green Lake Joint Venture
Developer: Lorig Associates
Architect: Hewitt
Contractor: W.G. Clark Construction
Mechanical: Hargis Engineers
Electrical: Active Engineering
Interior Design: Sechrist Design
Commissioning Agent: Keithly Barber Associates
Civil Engineers: KPFF Consulting Engineers
Structural Engineers: Bykonen Cart Quinn
Lighting Designer: WSP Flack + Kurtz