Grand Ridge Plaza

Grand Ridge Plaza is a popular shopping and entertainment destination located in the Issaquah Highlands. Consisting of over 40 retail stores, restaurants, and services; the plaza incorporated the local community- and pedestrian-friendly aesthetic of the burgeoning Issaquah Highlands area. In fact, the overall site also boasts almost 10,000-square-feet of walkable open space.

O’Brien & Company joined the project late in the construction phase and worked with the general contractor, Robertson & Olson, on their portion of the project, consisting of 3 large retail buildings. Our staff provided ongoing LEED technical support to the contractor for the duration of the project. Through research and coordination with the Robertson & Olson and other subcontractors, O’Brien compiled and delivered the final LEED construction documentation for all 3 buildings under Robertson & Olson’s scope. Containing over 20%, by cost, recycled and regional building materials, the buildings also contributed to efficient resource use by diverting over 88% of its construction waste from the landfill. The project was recently certified LEED Silver as part of a group certification under the Core and Shell v2.0 rating system.