Construction Trades Curriculum

The Workforce Development Council of Seattle-King County hired O’Brien & Company to develop an engaging and flexible “green building 101” curriculum. The course was designed for apprentices in the building and construction trades, to give them the background they need to be succeed in their jobs today and future careers.

We took the outline created by a green building skill panel and an advisory committee and facilitated several meetings to hone in on the best way to present the material and a way make it user-friendly for the trainers who would be delivering the course in the future.

The final product includes a comprehensive instructor guide with easy-to-use lesson plans, a four-part instructional DVD, activities, quizzes, a student handout packet, and certification cards for proof of course completion.

The course content includes an introduction to green building, what it is and why it’s important, the green building process, innovative technologies and strategies in major environmental categories, and best job-site practices.

The course is freely available from the WDC of Seattle-King County.

The curriculum was featured nationally as part of a success story in workforce development efforts. Read more.