Carduner-Ramsey Home

When Olivier Carduner and Pat Ramsey started building their new, they were fully committed to using LEED to guide them towards their sustainability goals.  Their 1,500 square foot home in the Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle shows that dedication with strategies for water and energy conservation, and improved indoor air quality.  Their home achieved LEED for Homes Gold certification in 2015.

Carduner and Ramsey worked closely with their architect Patricia Brennan, builder Toth Construction and LEED consultants O’Brien & Company throughout the entire project.  To improve the indoor air quality, the project included materials that minimize volatile organic compounds, carefully planned ventilation, and air-filtration systems.  For energy efficiency, they incorporated passive-cooling design, high-efficiency forced-air heating, multiple zone controls for the two upper floors, high-efficiency LED lighting, Energy Star appliances and fans, and a well-insulated building envelope.  Their third focus was water conservation, which was achieved with low-flow water fixtures and appliances, drought-resistant landscaping and a rain-garden catchment system that restores some roof-collected rainwater to the natural aquifer.

O’Brien & Company was the LEED for Homes Provider and Green Rater on the project.  We provided guidance during design to integrate the rating system requirements with Carduner and Ramsey’s sustainability goals.  This integrated approached helped keep additional cost to a minimum.