Avista Headquarters

Out of desire to fulfill their commitment to protect human health and the environment and as a demonstration for their customers, Avista Utilities pursued and achieved LEED® O+M: Existing Buildings v2009 Gold certification for their headquarters in Spokane. The Avista Utilities General Office Building (GOB) was built in the 1950’s with an addition in 1970 and recent interior remodel in 2011. It was recently awarded ENERGY STAR® certification and is pursuing LEED Commercial Interiors (CI) I for each individual floor of the GOB. In collaboration with McKinstry, O’Brien & Company worked with Avista to complete a LEED O+M Gap Analysis.  To complete this Gap Analysis, we leveraged and customized existing tools that O’Brien & Company has developed for LEED O+M projects, as well as those developed jointly with McKinstry.  Our work included a review and assessment of the prerequisites; a client interview; and a LEED working session with operations and maintenance staff.  McKinstry and O’Brien & Company then led the team from start to finish in pursuit of their 2017 LEED O+M certification.

The GOB is a 156,140 square foot building, with 5 stories and a basement, housing over 740 employees. Avista provides utilities for the Spokane, Washington region, and prides itself on its sustainable retrofits and operations. This project seeks recognition of their already strong environmental commitment and has used the O+M guidelines to improve their practices further.  Some of these areas of excellence include highly efficient water fixtures and energy efficient features. More than 95% of the campus cooling load is served by an open loop ground source cooling well. Avista is also invested in employee health, providing an on-site healthcare facility and an ergonomics plan.

The project team consisted of Avista facilities managers, procurement specialists, McKinstry and O’Brien & Company. Our role in this project was to facilitate monthly LEED check-in meetings, and to lend credit documentation and tracking support to the Avista team.

Owner: Avista Utilities
Building Systems Service Contractor:  McKinstry

Prior Certifications:
EPA ENERGY STAR certification: 98 Points
LEED Commercial Interiors v2009 Gold