Aspira Apartments

This 321 unit building was the first high rise residential project to achieve a Built Green 4 Star Certification and to participate in Seattle’s Green Street program. The projects’ green features include generous landscaping and a green wall supporting vining plants, Seattle’s first electric car recharging stations, bike storage, natural daylighting, highly efficient centralized heating and cooling, reduced construction waste, and environmentally preferable interior materials and appliances.

O’Brien & Company acted as the third party Built Green verifier, coming in during construction to inspect and verify green attributes of the project. We helped the team address indoor air quality and ventilation and reviewed required Built Green documentation. Built Green verification is part of O’Brien & Company’s quality assurance services for projects earning a green rating.

In 2014, Aspira was one of 17 existing multifamily properties in America to earn ENERGY STAR certification.  Read City of Seattle’s case study about how this property improved its energy efficiency.