Accelerated Technology Deployment Program

The Accelerated Technology Deployment (ATD) Program was an outcome of the Puget Sound Regional Council‘s (PSRC) efforts to identify significant economic development opportunities for the region. PSRC’s work identified the intersection of building efficiency and innovative technology solutions as a key area for further exploration, providing the basis for the ATD program, which was delivered by the Smart Buildings Center (SBC), a project of the Northwest Energy Efficiency Council (NEEC).

SBC partnered with emerging energy efficiency technology companies and energy service providers and contractors to deploy and independently evaluate solutions at a range of different buildings in the Puget Sound region. The project helped the technology companies by creating an opportunity to gain reference customers, and benefited building participants by offering new solutions to ongoing energy challenges. As part of the demonstration project, an independent evaluation, measurement and verification firm reviewed findings and results. The culmination of the project is a series of case studies and reports sharing the findings and results.

O’Brien & Company was invited to provide project management services for the ATD project, as a follow up to our work on the Virtual Energy Assessment Technologies (VEAT) project. As a project management specialist, Andrea Lewis developed a Program and Project Management plan for tracking the execution of the project, which involved overseeing seven different engineering and energy management firms responsible for executing 20 discrete task orders to deploy and consistently report on a range of energy efficiency solutions over a 6-month period. Andrea set up, customized, and then tutored the SBC team on a new cloud-based project management software. She then used the software to monitor, track and report on the project’s progress towards meeting milestones and deliverables.

In addition to project management support, O’Brien & Company also helped prepare and delivered editorial support for the 20 discrete case studies, white papers and research reports drafted by a variety of technical authors. The materials covered a wide variety of topics, ranging from innovative lighting financing models, building energy dashboards, remote thermostats, various cloud based Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) solutions, and demand response in the Pacific Northwest.

Participation in both the VEAT and ATD projects demonstrates O’Brien & Company’s pursuit of increasing industry capacity and awareness of different approaches to improving the performance of our built environment. Our firm has since gone on to use some of the technologies included in the SBC demonstration pilots in subsequent projects.