280 Beach Walk

This 34,500 square-foot retail project is located in the heart of Waikiki and houses the new Hard Rock Cafe – International.

280 Beach Walk features a number of green strategies that blend seamlessly with the building design. Preferred parking is available for low-emitting and fuel-efficient vehicles in the parking lot. Tenants and visitors will use 40% less water than in conventional buildings thanks to extra high-efficiency plumbing fixtures. The organic landscaping plan, developed by O’Brien & Company, protects water quality and earned the project an extra point in the “Innovation in Design” category.

O’Brien & Company served as the LEED project manager for the LEED Core and Shell certification. The firm facilitated an eco-charrette and is guiding the project team through documentation. In addition to the organic landscaping plan, which was customized for Hawaii’s climate, the firm produced Tenant Improvement Guidelines to help the owner extend the green operations to future tenants.