Kathy Chang

Kathy has a technical background in engineering and architecture, she brings a set of diverse, large-scale, both US and international experiences in the design and implementation of sustainable buildings and healthy interior projects. She has managed projects pursuing both LEED and WELL certifications, she’s worked on LEED NC, CS, CI, ND and campus/group/block type projects between v2.2, v2009 and v4. She specializes working with the project teams to integrate sustainable vision into quantifiable design parameters and thoroughly managing client and project team expectations of sustainable targets throughout the project duration. She often conducts charettes and workshops on LEED and WELL certification requirements and process. Her role at Arup was an in-house sustainability consultant within the architecture design team, actively involved in design meetings and sitting with the engineers, consultants, and clients to ensure cross-discipline design consistency. During early stages of design is where Kathy can have the most impact on the project design to set achievable sustainable targets with the project team and optimizing design strategies to achieve the highest level of certification.

Additionally, she has also worked on various Living Building Challenge, Net Zero, Net Positive, district energy, smart grid, smart building, resilient cities projects and initiatives, which expands her knowledge in sustainable design beyond green building certification.

Accreditations, Certifications and Advanced Degrees
Master of Architecture