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Newsletter – September 2014

This newsletter was published to our listserv on September 23, 2014.  Some of the dates and information may not still be accurate.

LEED v4 Materials Credits and Fall Events

Click here to view our September newsletter complete with fancy photos.

And here’s a summary of what’s included:

Top Stories

Past Project Check-ins

Past projects that are making big in the news today (see newsletter for details and links):

  • Washington Green Schools
  • Stillaguamish Natural Resources Building
  • City of Shoreline Environmental Sustainability Strategy

Events & Trainings

Upcoming Industry Events (see newsletter for details and links):

  • Seattle 2030 District Vision Awards
  • A Homebuilding Saga:  One Company’s Search for a Better Way to Build
  • EcoBuilding 2014
  • Tour of Urban/Rural Watershed Work with Salmon Safe
  • Greenbuild Conference
  • EcoBuilding Green Building Slam
  • Cascadia GBC Groudswell

Project Highlights

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