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New Green Advantage Credentials for Kris Knutson and Elly Bunzendahl

EllyKrisThis month, Elly Bunzendahl and Kris Knutson earned new credentials under the Green Advantage Environmental Certification program.   This program offers two certification options – the GA Certified Associate and the GA Certified Practitioner, both designed to help construction teams better meet environmental, productivity, collaboration, efficiency, safety and budgetary goals on green building projects.  Recently, local leader, Rafn construction, who also co-developed the original “Build It LEED” training with O’Brien & Company and Cascadia Green Building Council, engaged O’Brien & Company to provide exam prep sessions for their staff and crew to earn the GA Certified Associate credential. As part of preparing our typical hands-on style trainings, Elly Bunzendahl and Kris Knutson went to experience the exams themselves.  Elly earned the GA Certified Practitioner credential and Kris the GA Certified Associate.

Green Advantage has been widely used by companies and individuals in the construction fields in other parts of the country for over a decade.  Complimentary to LEED, the program has a stronger construction practices focus. If you are interested in exploring the GA program, contact Kris Knutson about O’Brien & Company’s new Green Advantage Exam Prep Study Sessions.

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