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LEEDv4 Early Results: Tech Talk; March 6, 2014, Tacoma

After several years of drama, suspicion, and delay, LEEDv4 has hit the streets.  Principal Elizabeth Powers is providing a Tech Talk at a joint CSI/South Sound GBC meeting in Tacoma the evening of March 6th where she will share what the industry has learned so far about LEEDv4 and what it may mean for your projects.  She will share analysis on how a dozen current O’Brien projects would fair under LEEDv4 and key information on LEEDv4 from USGBC and GreenBuild.  She will also look at how LEEDv4 fits into the context of local and regional green building.

March 6th, 2014, 4:15 PM at La Quinta Inn & Suites 1425 E. 27th Street (at Portland Avenue & I-5) Tacoma, WA.  Go to to register.

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