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“I’ve used your blog…to provide some background on costs of LEED – it’s a good resource.” Seattle Codes Analyst (or Municipal Codes Analyst)

Building Capacity provides a forum for dialogue focused specifically on the practical ins-and-outs of green building and sustainable development. We’ll address the intriguing, the pragmatic, and the sometimes perplexing aspects of achieving a truly sustainable environment, and invite you to share your thoughts through the blog’s comment function.

Read the first “Welcome” post for more information about the type of content you’ll find or navigate past articles by category.

The Company

SmallnewsletterbuttonO’Brien & Company is a nationally recognized leader in sustainability and green building consulting. We guide clients towards sustainability by translating the best industry information and by leading a collaborative process to arrive at the most practical, sustainable result.

We provide green building consulting and training to building owners, developers, architects, contractors, municipalities and other organizations who influence the built environment.

The Editor

With Building Capacity, Kathleen O’Brien returns fondly to her role of Editor. In the 1980’s Kathleen acted as Executive Editor of the Northeast Sun, as well as Managing Editor of the New England Builder (now the Journal of Light Construction). Most recognize her as the founder of O’Brien & Company, as well as a distinguished member of the green building and sustainable development consulting community. She never stopped writing however, and has, since 1983, published hundreds of articles and dozens of user-friendly guides focused on a variety of green building and energy topics. Kathleen’s articles have appeared in Environmental Design & Construction, Journal of Light Construction, Environmental Building News, Conservation Monitor, Construction Data, Building With Nature, BioCycle, Arcade, Cities Go Green, and Resource Recycling. The Northwest Green Home Primer, which was published in 2008, has sold thousands of copies and has appealed to novices and professionals alike. Kathleen will be editing posts by the consulting staff of O’Brien & Company, as well as posting interviews with key players in the field.

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