Interact with the Blog: Try it, you’ll like it!

Editor Kathleen O’Brien provides tips on how to comment and submit questions to her recently launched, and offers some good reasons to do so: Free good quality advice, Free marketing, and an easy way to help build capacity towards a sustainable future.

Leading design firm shows how to take the parking out of the parking lot. Interview with Walter Schacht.

Parking lot projects are common. They won’t be going away. In this interview with Walter Schacht, leading designer in the Northwest, we hear about how to approach these projects in a whole new light. Schacht discusses two campus parking lot projects (one new construction and one a renovation) that have been selected as pilots for Sustainable Sites Initiative™ (SITES™), the nation’s first rating system for green landscape design, construction and maintenance.

Living Future: Life in the Solution

Get a taste of the recent Living Future 2010, the only conference focused on the Living Building Challenge, from the perspective of Kathleen O’Brien, a respected pioneer in the field, recently called the “matron saint” of green building — (not kidding!)